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For over 90 years, inkblots have been used all over the world by psychologists when evaluating their patients dreams and past experiences. This pack comes with 10 inkblots on beautiful keepsake cards and a small booklet that includes an excerpt from the inventor’s only published works, Psychodiagnostik. Studying the cards, you can delve into your psyche and that of those around you. Record your findings in a beautifully designed journal that includes quotes about the mind and imagination. Each person sees the inkblots differently, and your interpretation says a lot about who you are. What do you see? Throughout history, on a quest to “know thyself,” many have sought understanding of the vast recesses of the mind. To this end, modern psychology has tried to bridge the gap of understanding by providing many tools for both clinicians and laymen alike, utilizing therapy, art, journaling, and medicine. One of the most prevalent tools from clinical psychology to permeate popular culture is the inkblot test, which has been used all over the world to examine personality characteristics, emotional functioning, and mental health. Originally created in 1921, the test was designed to reflect unconscious aspects of one’s personality onto presented stimuli – in this case, 10 inkblots shown one at a time to individuals – who are then asked to describe what it is they see in these ambiguous shapes. In theory, when one is shown nonsensical images, the mind will strive to impose meaning on the image in question. What the person describes gives insight into how they perceive and project meaning onto the world around them, and ultimately, about themselves. The fascination of inkblots has become a staple of pop culture as well. The iconic imagery can be found in everything from photography to advertising (such as the artwork for the hit series Dexter) and writing, such as the character in the graphic novel Watchmen. Art legend Andy Warhol found inspiration in the inkblots to create his

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